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The Gods are Made of Mud CD


More than a year in the making, our latest studio album is a stunner.

Product Description

More than a year in the making, our newest album is a tour de force of Scandal.
We took full advantage of the possibilities that a studio offers, adding layers of subtlety and guest musicians extraordinaire. Some songs came in fully formed and were covered in glistening scales; others were skeletons that took on a coat of flesh, fur, and feathers before they were released, completely reborn. Diversity is key – in the span of an hour, the album navigates through territory that is at times starkly intimate, and at times lushly orchestrated, from a lonely shore at nighttime to the raging party at the center of a revolution. It’s an album that follows you around through the back alleys of your mind even after you stop listening… it whispers hints that the polished surface of our modern world is cracked and broken, and beneath dwells is a life force teeming with turbulence, brimming with boldness and overflowing with vivid imagery.

The album cover is a tour-de-force of strange and unsettling beauty. It depicts the band members in a landscape of horror and dream, amidst monstrosities and demigods. It calls to mind a post-apocalyptic, pre-genesis battle that ruptures heaven and earth, with hungry demons awakening in the fissure below. Making that image involved constructing a multi-storey art installation over 2 months with the help of several dozen artists. In this case, you can judge an album by its cover – it’s like nothing you’ve ever encountered before.

The $18 price tag includes the physical CD, a 12-page illustrated booklet with lyrics to all the songs, and all shipping costs within the U.S.

Released October 2017

1. Weather Balloon – 04:03
2. Bitter Vein – 03:18
3. Freaks – 06:57
4. Walk Me to the Shore – 03:10
5. Trouble – 03:44
6. The Gods are Made of Mud – 06:13
7. Red Hot, Cold Blue – 06:52
8. It’s Everywhere – 04:11
9. Bare Bones – 04:35
10. Scarlet Hills – 04:35
11. To Find the Lost – 05:43
12. Burn it Down – 5:45

Hot Damn Scandal:
Chandra Johnson ~ Violin & Vocals
Harper Stone ~ Percussion & Baglama
Jimmy Austin ~ Trombone, Tuba & Piano
Kris Staples-Weyrauch ~ Electric Guitar
Mickey Stylin ~ Upright Bass & Vocals
Pete Irving ~ Resonator Guitar & Lead Vocals
Sarah Jane Covert-Bowlds ~ Saxophone
Everyone ~ Shouts, Screams & Revels on tracks 8, 10 & 12

Gabija Vaičekones ~ Piano track 1
David Pender-Lofgren ~ Drum Set tracks 2, 5 & 6
Nick Wees ~ Trumpet track 3
Stewart Zobel ~ 7-string Classical Guitar track 3
Brandi Ledferd ~ Pandeiro track 3
Alex Larson Kubiak ~ Bass Clarinet track 4
Jan Peters & Sam Chue ~ Vocals track 5
Carrie Crockett ~ Accordion tracks 6 & 10, Vocals track 10, Musical Saw track 11
Genevieve & Lumina Compain ~ Vocals tracks 6 & 10
Lucas Warford ~ Bowed Banjo Bass & Vocals track 7
Willo Sertain ~ Vocals track 7
Greg Alison ~ Violin track 7
John Sampson ~ Marimba track 8
Ani Banani ~ Vocals tracks 8, 10 & 12
Noah Austin ~ Trumpet track 10
Andrew & Dani Compain ~ Vocals track 10

Recorded by Sam Chue and McKain Lakey at Northwest Sound Studio and Kevin Bressler at Whiney Cat Audio

Mixed by McKain Lakey at Northwest Sound Studio and Kevin Bressler at Whiney Cat Audio

Photography by Thaddeus Hink, Sean Sea & Harper Stone. Cover & jacket photo by Thaddeus Hink, THINK Studios.

Visual design by Harper Stone, Ani Banani, and Thaddeus Hink

Special thanks to our many generous kickstarter backers, and extra special thanks to Rita Kraft, Linda Clarke, Dani Compain, Steve & Joann Ashlock, Debi & Chris Covert-Bowlds, Steven Covert-Bowlds, Joseph Bowlds, Meike Weyrauch, Martha Bean, Bruce Austin, and Trevor, Edie & Fergus Stone.

Another special thanks to those who helped make the album art installation: Melissa Rinck -for letting us build a landscape of dream and horror in her barn of abundance, Sam Top, Ani Banani, Kaykay Fantasia, Future T. Man, Bob Penny Brown, Heather Dawn Sparks, Bill Sterling, Alison Ehl, Gillian Gossett, Mark Wheeler, Charlie Kesterson, Michelle Crowe, Bailey Ann Martinet, Gabe Johnson, Dani Compain, Kimberli Scott, Margaret Inez Driscoll, Brenden Rein, Madelaine Stubblefield, BAAY, and Bellingham’s ReStore,

Additional Information

Dimensions 13 x 13 x 1 cm


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