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Strange Tongues CD


This is our 2013 studio album, in CD form. It sounds great!

Product Description

Our first full studio album. Take a listen. We think you’ll like it.
Album includes a 12-page illustrated booklet with lyrics to all the songs, each page illustrated in the style of the song.

Released August 2013

1. How to Act – 02:53
2. Mama Don’t Watch You – 02:58
3. Wild Rose – 04:15
4. Glistenin’ Steel – 05:26
5. Honey Honey – 03:26
6. Blame it on the Rain – 04:38
7. She Ain’t No Good – 04:41
8. Gold – 05:04
9. Twist it Up – 04:22
10. Jack & Terry – 03:55
11. Hollow Man’s Shuffle – 05:12
12. Jericho – 5:21

Hot Damn Scandal:
‘Stinky’ Pete Irving: resonator guitar, 11-string guitar, vocals, piano, banjo on Glistenin’ Steel
‘Mother’ Andy Ingram: upright bass, vocals, mandolin
Nakos ‘Unkle Knuckles’ Marker: slide guitars, wine glass
Harper ‘Dr. Washbones’ Stone: washboard, bodhran, percussion, background vocals, banjo on Wild Rose & Honey Honey, guitar on Glistenin’ Steel
Chandra ‘The Chanpion’ Johnson: fiddle, vocals, cat calls

Featuring guest Scandaliers:
Ian Ileson: background vocals on Hollow Man’s Shuffle
Mars Lindgren: trombone on How to Act and Blame it on the Rain
Travis Hendrix of Oddjob Ensemble: clarinet on Blame it on the Rain
David Bridgman of Smokewagon: drums on How to Act and Gold
Taylor Lee Werner: background vocals on Mama Don’t Watch You
Robert Sarazin Blake: vocals on Twist it Up, spiritual sugar daddy
Sam Chue: knobs and levers, dials and faders, smashes on she aint no good
Doug Banner & John D’Onofrio: Monkey Puzzle Orchestra sounds
Fergus Stone: voice of god
Bill’s ducks: moon absconding
That microphone, oh god that microphone

Tracks 2, 5, & 10 recorded at Clatter & Din (Seattle, WA) by Vince Werner, Elise Kates, & Eric Johnson. Mixed by Elise Kates.
Tracks 1, 3, 6, 9, & 11 recorded partly at Clatter & Din by Elise Kates & partly at North Shore Studio by Sam Chue. Mixed by Sam Chue
All other tracks recorded & mixed at North Shore Studio (Bellingham, WA) by Sam Chue.
Mastered by Kevin Bressler of Whiney Cat Audio, Seattle, WA
Cover paintings by Heironomous Bosch. Design by Harper Stone

Additional Information

Dimensions 13 x 13 x 1 cm


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