Hot Damn Scandal

Northwest Devil Swing

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This is our 2012 EP, in CD form. 6 songs featuring resonator guitar, musical saw, upright bass, and washboard. This is Hot Damn Scandal at its most minimal and spacious.

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This is our first professionally recorded EP, originally released May 31st 2012, remastered in 2013. The result sounds rich and spacious, with good-time gypsy blues for the end of days and some arrestingly tender ballads.


1. Timbuktu – 03:15
2. Just an Angel – 05:46
3. Home – 04:06
4. Rain Comes Down – 05:19
5. Sleep By the Fire – 06:26
6. The Dust is Callin’ – 04:0


‘Mother’ Andy Ingram – Upright Bass, Vocals
Charlie Baby – Whimsical Hackblade, Vocals
Stinky Pete Irving – Guitar, Piano, Percussion, Vocals
Harper “Dr Washbones” Stone – Washboard, Percussion, Vocals

Recorded by Louis Ramsay, Fairhaven Studios, Bellingham, WA.

Mastered by Kevin Bressler, Whiney Cat Audio, Seattle, WA

Cover design by Harper Stone, featuring artwork by Max Ernst and Aubrey Beardsley

3 Thumbs Cover in Template

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Dimensions 13 x 13 x 1 cm